Zhou Dynasty

The third Zhou, was established in 1027 BC and it was destroyed by in 256 BC, lasting approximately 770 years. It can be divided into two periods by the move of the capital West Zhou and East Zhou. The latter of which consists in two stages —— Spring and Autumn, Warring States.
West Zhou lasted 1027 BC to 771 BC. The first king, Wu, moved the capital to Gao and demolished . After the enthronement of Cheng, Zhougong suppressed the riots and importantly, he carried out many measures to strengthen the newly-built dynasty. The of conventions includes Jingtianzhi, Zongfazhi, Guoyezhi and Liyue, to name a few important ones.

With the development of and the growth of population, powers battled with each other and the condition changed. Iron-made agricultural tools had been adopted and cattle aids to plough, and irrigation works came into its first prosperity. The traditional order of collapsed and a new time was in sight.

The first great thinker and teacher in history was Confucius.  He was born in the late years of spring and autumn. He set up the school of Ru based on the turbulent situation and his own theories of , society and politics.

Warring States is another era for separatist regimes and contending for hegemony. Generally speaking, it began in 403 BC, which Jin was divided into three . They were known as the , Zhao and Wei which ended in 221 BC.

Great changes took place in this era. Small powers had been annexed and what remained were the strongest seven. They were the Qin, Chu, Yan, Han, Zhao, Wei and Qi dynasty. Political reforms succeeded and the most influential one is Reformation of Shangyang.

Wars could not be the hindrance of . Literati appeared, who identified themselves with academy and who promoted the prosperity of . The first summit had come, for ancient .  The school of Ru, Dao, Fa, and Mo would shine on the posterity. “Let A hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend!” This page will shine on us forever.

The consolidation of China started in 230 BC and was consumed in 221 BC, under the leadership of Yinzheng, the king of Qin.  As a result, nearly 600 years of confusion and turbulence came to an end.

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