Lao Zi – Ancient Chinese Philosopher

Lao Zi, also Li Dan by name, live in late Spring and Autumn Period(585 BC –500 BC). He was from the state of Chu and once was the librarian and archivist of the royal court of Zhou Dynasty. He was a knowledgeable person that even the great Confucius had once consulted him on things that he couldn’t understand as a young man. Lao Zi authored the book Dao De Jing, the classic for Daoism. Continue reading Lao Zi – Ancient Chinese Philosopher

Zhou Dynasty

The third dynasty Zhou, was established in 1027 BC and it was destroyed by Qin in 256 BC, lasting approximately 770 years. It can be divided into two periods by the move of the capital West Zhou and East Zhou. The latter of which consists in two stages —— Spring and Autumn, Warring States.
West Zhou lasted from 1027 BC to 771 BC. The first king, Wu, moved the capital to Gao and demolished Shang. After the enthronement of Cheng, Zhougong suppressed the riots and more importantly, he carried out many measures to strengthen the newly-built dynasty. The system of conventions includes Jingtianzhi, Zongfazhi, Guoyezhi and Liyue, to name a few important ones. Continue reading Zhou Dynasty