Ancient Sumer Woman

Based on a terracotta relief from Sumer, circa 1950 B.C.

Terracotta Army

more Terracotta Army Pictures The Terracotta Army Museum lie 1.5 km east to the Tomb of Qin First Emperor. The Terracotta Army figures lie underground for more than 2000 years. In 1974, farmers digging a well about 1500 meters east of the tomb uncovered one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world. The firstly… Continue reading Terracotta Army

Terra-cotta Warriors

April 23rd (Wed) Xi’an (Breakfast/Luch/Dinner) This morning visit the burial site of an incredible army of 8000 lifelike Terra-cotta Warriors, horses, and chariots.  Thereafter visit the History Museum. Terra Cotta Warriors – In 1974 a group of peasants digging a well, made what was to become the greatest archaeological find of the 20th century when… Continue reading Terra-cotta Warriors

Terracotta army Photo

Size of this preview: 800 × 600 pixels Full resolution‎ (1,024 × 768 pixels, file size: 86 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg) From en-WP. Terra Cotta Army archeological dig museum at Xi’an photo taken by Richard Chambers on AAA Yantze Sampler tour May 2004 with Olympus C-740 digital camera. This photograph shows part of the Terra… Continue reading Terracotta army Photo