Stolen Artifacts from Iraq

BAGHDAD (AFP) – Archaeological sites in southern Iraq have been systematically looted for over two years, but experts say the dig will have to go much deeper to find out where thousands of lost artifacts have ended up. “The complete lack of knowledge is devastating,” says archaeologist Elizabeth Stone, who spent years excavating the Old… Continue reading Stolen Artifacts from Iraq

Chronology of Ancient Mesopotamia

Chronology of Ancient Mesopotamia Mesopotamia Egypt Israel / Palestine 3500-3100 BCE Uruk 3100-2900 BCE Jemdet-Nasr 3100-2686 Early Dynastic 3150-2200 Early Bronze 2900-2700 BCE Early Dynastic I 2700-2500 BCE Early Dynastic II 2500-2300 BCE Early Dynastic III 2686-2200 Old Kingdom 2300-2150 BCE Sardonic/Akkadian 2150-2100 BCE Guti 2200-2040 1st Intermediate 2100-2000 BCE Ur III 2040-1786 Middle Kingdom… Continue reading Chronology of Ancient Mesopotamia