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If you are need of a new engine for your Honda then you have three options available – buy a used engine, buy a new engine or refurbish your current engine. Purchasing used engines are the most cost effective way to gear up the car. Here are some good steps which will help you to buy used engines: 1) Primarily determine that which brand’s engine your need. Various brands require different engine, so you are required to determine the model and year of your car. You can consult to your owner’s manual to find the specifications of your car. 2) Notify your present engine’s mileage. Always look for an engine that has fewer miles than the one you are swapping. 3) If you are not able to find authorized and reputed engine dealer for your used engines need then go for online shopping. You will find thousands of online vendors dealing in used engines. These companies buy used engines, dismantle them and sell the parts. They have sufficient staff that remanufactures used auto parts for the purpose of reselling. 4) Search local reclaim yards for the engine that you need. May be you get a reputed dealer and find the engine that you are searching. While purchasing used engines, here are some tips that you should consider: •You should always try to extend the warranty when buying used engines. Generally, dealer offers 6 month warranty on used engines, but it is advisable that you should try to extend warranty period for 1 to 2 year if you can. •Finding a local dealer can be time consuming and most probably you may not find what you actually require. It is wise to go for online used engines vendors who can run a search for the engine and you can exactly find that you require. •Avoid buying

used engines

from individual seller, because you are not familiar with the history of engine nor you will have any recourse if it doesn’t work. EngineWorld USA, a renowned used engines dealer specializes in selling engines of various brands like Honda engines, Lexus engines, Acura engines, Suzuki engines, etc. If you are planning to buy used engines, contact Engine World USA.

The Absolute Best Used Engines, Used Transmissions & Used Auto Parts Available!

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Sharper Edge Engines is committed to giving everyone access to the value of Guaranteed Used Engines, remanufactured engines, rebuilt engines, used transmissions or remanufactured auto parts. Do you need an engine for the car you are passing to your teenage driver? What about a used transmission for that car upper in your garage? We get requests like these from customers all over USA and Canada everyday. with 25 years of experience and customer service that is second to no other competitor. We work to own and keep your business. If you need assistance to get a used or remanufactured parts for your car, truck or SUV we are here to help you to find it in the best quality, low mileage and lowest price ever! In today’s fast paced world there are few things more devastating than losing your personal transportation due to a break-down. It doesn’t matter if you drive an exotic import or need that old work truck repaired, Sharper Edge Used Engines is here to help. Don’t lose your transportation during these tough times. A rebuilt engine, transmission, or transfer case is a fraction of the cost of a new car or a used car that you don’t know about. We don’t care what you drive we can help.

Simply the highest quality and value, guaranteed auto drive trains on the market. Over 15,000 Engines available. Do not waste your time, call us for special pricing. Our sole priority , the very reason we are in business ,is to provide our customers The highest quality, best value automotive drive train assemblies attainable. Sharper Edge Engines (used engines for sale) is a nationwide distributor of engines, transmissions, and transfer cases, with over 15 ,000 units available for immediate delivery. we service domestic and import vehicles. We also specialize in hard to find parts. If you’ve looked high and low with no luck, call Sharper Edge – if we can’t deliver it, nobody can. After 25 years experience, we’ve seen it all. The easy way to find used and remanufactured auto parts. We are designed to help people with any level of car experience find used auto parts ,car parts ,and foreign auto parts. With calling us you are connected to one of the largest inventory nationwide, coast to coast. Now you can find foreign Auto parts without scraping through salvage yards. Whether you are a fulltime mechanic or an individual, Sharper Edge Engines guarantees great Automotive parts, Used Engines, Used Transmission, Rebuilt Transfer case, rebuilt engine, Rebuilt Transmission , Rebuilt Transfer case. Don’t lose your transportation during these tough times. The right part, right now Find the used or remanufactured engine or remanufactured transmission or remanufactured Transfer case, you, ve been looking for. If you, ve been having trouble finding used auto parts for your car call no further than our experts with 25 years experience. customer satisfaction is job one for our dedicated team of auto specialists. We take the time to listen to our customers and provide them with the best options available. our highly trained experts ask all the right questions to guarantee that you get the right part, first time. we test, inspect, and clean each part to assure that we are delivering quality assemblies .Sharper Edge Engines stands behind every engine, transmission, and transfer case with a nationwide warranty. Sharper Edge Engines has thousands of parts from virtually any make and model of domestic and imported vehicles. No more driving all over the state for the used or remanufactured auto parts you need. Sharper Edge Used Engines makes finding the used or remanufactured you need ,fast, easy, and the best quality.

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All About Ancient Assyria

The Siege of Lachish Many, many years ago there lived a king named Sennacherib. Sennacherib was the ruler of the great Assyrian empire. Every year, lands across the empire sent their best materials to the Assyrian king, such as precious metals, fine cloth, and tall straight timber.

Many lands in the west were not part of the Assyrian empire. Paying tribute meant that the Assyrian king would not threaten them with war and destruction. Soon after Sennacherib became king some kings from the west rebelled against him. When Sennacherib learnt that the kings were not paying their usual tribute, he decided to go to war. Sennacherib assembled his army and marched west from the heartland of Assyria.

The Assyrian army marched for many weeks until it reached the shores of ‘The Great Sea’.

At the sight of the huge army many of the kings offered tribute to the Assyrian king. But some of them still refused to pay tribute. One of these kings was Hezekiah, the king of Judah. He had joined the rebellion against Sennacherib. Sennacherib marched to Lachish, an important city in the kingdom of Judah. When the army arrived, they prepared to lay siege to the city. Continue reading All About Ancient Assyria

Sumeria, Ancient Sumeria (Sumer), A history of Ancient Sumer Including its Contributions

Ancient Sumeria

Primary Author: Robert A. Guisepi

Portions of this work Contributed By:
F. Roy Willis of the University of California

1980 and 2003

* The History of Ancient Sumeria including its cities, kings and religions

Now, I swear by the sun god Utu on this very day — and my younger brothers shall be witness of it in foreign lands where the sons of Sumer are not known, where people do not have the use of paved roads, where they have no access to the written word — that I, the firstborn son, am a fashioner of words, a composer of songs, a composer of words, and that they will recite my songs as heavenly writings, and that they will bow down before my words……

King Shulgi (c. 2100 BC) on the future of Sumerian literature.

Mesopotamia: The First Civilization

Authorities do not all agree about the definition of civilization. Most accept the view that “a civilization is a culture which has attained a degree of complexity usually characterized by urban life.” In other words, a civilization is a culture capable of sustaining a substantial number of specialists to cope with the economic, social, political, and religious needs of a populous society. Other characteristics usually present in a civilization include a system of writing to keep records, monumental architecture in place of simple buildings, and an art that is no longer merely decorative, like that on Neolithic pottery, but representative of people and their activities. All these characteristics of civilization first appeared in Mesopotamia.

The Geography Of Mesopotamia Continue reading Sumeria, Ancient Sumeria (Sumer), A history of Ancient Sumer Including its Contributions