Converging Pyramids

The Pyramids were not laid out willy-nilly on the Giza Plateau. Each side of each of the three Pyramids lines up precisely east-west or north-south. It’s a bit of a mystery how the ancients achieved such a perfect alignment, considering they did not have the magnetic compass at their disposal. The Pyramids’ proportions are just as exacting. For example, the difference between the Great Pyramid’s longest and shortest sides, which average 755.5 feet along the base, is but seven inches.

Khafre pyramid from its southwest corner Each of the Pyramids is perfectly proportioned. This is the Khafre Pyramid from its southwest corner.

As you scroll along this image, which was shot from the desert a few miles south of the Pyramids, notice how the three structures—those of Menkaure, his father Khafre, and his grandfather Khufu—line up perfectly along their righthand edges.

Camel and driver Camel and driver pose far out in the desert.

Ancient Egypt Religion

Ancient Egypt Religion

The Gods, Osiris, Isis and Horus, Minor deities, The priests, Immortality, The Book of the Dead, Magic and Corruption

Beneath and above everything, Egypt was religious. We find it there in every stage and form from totemism to theology; we see Ancient Egyupt Religion influence in literature, in government, in art, in everything except morality.

Ancient Egypt Religion

Ancient Egypt ReligionAnd it is not only varied, it is tropically abundant; only in Rome and India shall we find so plentiful a pantheon.

We cannot understand the Egyptian or man until we study his gods.

In this part we will discover Ancient Egypt religion, gods, customes, influence and more.