Prophet Jeremiah Ghosted Into Renaissance

SAVONAROLA.  A Fabrication of History by  Damien F. Mackey What I shall be suggesting here is that the biblical prophet Jeremiah, of c. 600 BC, a real historical person, has been ghostly projected to the supposed 1400’s AD in the form of the generic Jeremiah-like Jew, “Don Isaac ben Judah Abravanel”, who in turn became… Continue reading Prophet Jeremiah Ghosted Into Renaissance

The Mention Of The Israelites In Egyptian Scriptures

There are several Egyptian documents that not only mention the Israelites in their texts, but also tie the Bible to historical facts.   Egyptian documents such as the Tell el-Amarna letters, a large “stele” of the Menephtah, and the Elephantine papyri not only tell the history of Egypt, they also coincide with biblical scripture.  … Continue reading The Mention Of The Israelites In Egyptian Scriptures

Ancient Egypt Pyramids Texts

The Pyramid Texts were funerary inscriptions that were written on the walls of the early Ancient Egyptian pyramids at Sakkara. These date back to the fifth and sixth dynasties, approximately the years 2350-2175 B.C.E. However, because of extensive internal evidence, it is believed that they were composed much earlier, circa 3000 B.C.E. The Pyramid Texts… Continue reading Ancient Egypt Pyramids Texts

Ancient Egypt Civilization & Map

Geography Where is Egypt located? How did the ancient Egyptians adapt to their environment? Egypt is located on the continent of Africa. The climate in ancient Egypt is very hot and dry. The ancient Egyptians farmed and irrigated the land near the Nile River. The Nile River flows north into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile… Continue reading Ancient Egypt Civilization & Map

Imhotep, Joseph of Egypt?

About a decade ago, when I was sitting in one of my early art history courses, my professor offhandedly mentioned some speculations that Imhotep, the architect of the Stepped Pyramid at Djoser (ca. 2530-2611 BC, shown right), may have been the biblical figure Joseph of Egypt. I have been quite skeptical of this theory for… Continue reading Imhotep, Joseph of Egypt?

King tut’s Gold Throne

I came across this stunning image of from the back of King Tut’s gold throne (left, c. 1332-1322 BC) tonight.  Isn’t it gorgeous? (Click on the image to enlarge it, if you don’t believe me.)  I love the striking, bold colors.  And I especially love that Tutankhamun is depicted with the lil’ Amarna-style belly that… Continue reading King tut’s Gold Throne