Hathor – Ancient egypt

‘House of Horus’

  • Woman with the ears of a cow
  • A cow
  • Woman with a headdress of horns and a sun disk

Hathor was a protective goddess. She was also the goddess of love and joy.

Hathor was the wife of Horus, and was sometimes thought of as the mother of the pharaoh.

Hathor sistrum
Hathor sistrum
Hathor was connected with foreign places and materials. For instance, Hathor was the goddess of the desert and the turquoise mines in the Sinai.

A large temple was built to honour Hathor at Dendera.




  • Man lying down below the arch of the sky goddess Nut
  • Man with a goose on his head

Geb was the god of the earth.
Geb was the husband and brother of the sky goddess Nut. He was also the father of Osiris, Isis, Nepthys and Seth.

When Seth and Horus fought for the throne of Egypt, Geb made Horus the ruler of the living.

The ancient Egyptians believed that earthquakes were Geb’s laughter.


Bastet Appearance:

  • Woman with the head of a cat

Bastet was a protective goddess.

Bastet was usually seen as a gentle protective goddess. However, she sometimes appeared with the head of a lioness to protect the king in battle.

Bronze catThe cat was a symbol of Bastet. The ancient Egyptians made many statues of cats like this one to honour Bastet.

Bastet was one of the daughters of the sun god, Ra. A great temple was built in her honour at Bubastis in the Delta.