The Neo-Elamite period

A long period of darkness separates  the Middle and Neo-Elamite periods. In  742 BC a certain Huban-nugash is  mentioned as king in Elam. The land  appears to have been divided into  separate principalities, with the central  power fairly weak. The next 100 years  witnessed the constant attempts of  the Elamites to interfere in  Mesopotamian affairs, usually in  alliance with Babylon, against the  constant pressure of Neo-Assyrian  expansion. At times they were  successful with this policy, both  militarily and diplomatically, but on the  whole they were forced to give way to increasing Assyrian power. Local  Elamite dynastic troubles were from  time to time compounded by both  Assyrian and Babylonian interference.  Meanwhile, the Assyrian army whittled  away at Elamite power and influence in  Luristan. In time these internal and  external pressures resulted in the near total collapse of any  meaningful central authority in Elam. In  a series of campaigns between 692  and 639 BC, in an effort to clean up a  political and diplomatic mess that had become a chronic headache for the  Assyrians, Ashurbanipal’s armies  utterly destroyed Susa, pulling down  buildings, looting, and sowing the land  of Elam with salt.

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