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Terra Cotta Army archeological dig museum at Xi’an photo taken by Richard Chambers on AAA Yantze Sampler tour May 2004 with Olympus C-740 digital camera.

This photograph shows part of the Terra Cotta army dig near Xi’an in China. The photograph gives an idea of the number of figures, some 8,000 total, as well as the various stages of restoration. In the foreground are completely re-assembled figures and in the back ground you can see the broken fragements embedded in the earth.

There are several styles of figures in the army but each has a unique face and head. As you look at the figures you can see the facial differences between old and young and also the different hairstyles and hats.

In addition to this building, there are other buildings in the museum which contain other figures including what appears to be a headquarters or command group of figures, some of which were not completed. There is also a display of the two bronze chariots that were unearthed at a different part of the archeological site.

The figures of the Terra Cotta Army were originally painted but the paint flaked off once the pieces of terra cotta were unearthed and exposed to the air.

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