Technology of Ethnic Minorities in China

In order to spur the technological development in ethnic , the Chinese government has adopted a series of preferential policies as follows: it gives priority to the and training of science and personnel ethnic groups, admits minority students to public universities according to special enrollment plans, opens classes on campus exclusively for minority students and establishes popular majors in minorities universities or colleges to bring up with relevant expertise that are in short supply in . Meanwhile, it has taken effective measures to train the existing technology personnel minority groups, help introduce more talents and advanced equipment for minority people and their and upgrade traditional industries and products to enhance the business performance. Moreover, the Chinese government has established and improved the for technology promotion in rural and pasture areas in order to boost the education and training of practical technology and help translate scientific achievements into real productivity in these . In addition, it has adopted some preferential policies concerning work condition and living standard to encourage more science and technology experts to make achievements in ethnic minorities’ . Last but not least, the government has urged the developed in other parts of to take measures to expand their technology assistance to minority . These measures include: inviting experts to take a part-time job in minority , encouraging technology personnel to give lectures or work for a short-term in these , help train their counterparts from ethnic groups and carry out technology cooperation with them. At present, a number of research institutes which are related to the national development, the need of people’s and the actual condition of ethnic groups have been established in where ethnic minorities live and the scientific research system with various disciplines and research team with corresponding research orientations have also been shaped.

Statistics shows that the number of scientists and engineers from ethnic minority regions has reached nearly 100 thousand and these technology experts are playing an increasingly important role in the scientific and technological advancement of our country. Some of them are academicians of Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering, some leaders of scientific projects, and some outstanding contributors for translating scientific achievements into real products. For instance, academician Wang Shiwen of Chinese Academy of Science, who comes from , devotes herself to the clinic and scientific research and teaching of cardiopathy and first aid study for the elderly and makes remarkable contribution to the development of medical study of elderly people in China as an emerging discipline. Academician Wei Yu of Chinese Academy of Engineering, who comes from nationality, holds the doctorate of the Technological University of Aachen in Germany and is one of the trial-blazers of electro-biology and bio-computation as brand-new arenas in the . Senior researcher of agricultural science Zheng Huiyu, who comes from Korean nationality, dedicates herself into the study of breeding and variety resources of soybean and one of her masterpieces is the Jilin No.20 Soybean with small granule.

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