Morals and Sexual Morality

“In the in Ancient

Modesty, as distinct from fidelity, was not prominent among the Egyptians; they spoke of affairs with a directness alien to our late .

Harem in Ancient Egypt

Life in , and Sexual Morality

Ancient Egyptians adorned their very temples with and bas-reliefs of startling anatomical candor, and supplied their dead with obscene to amuse them in the grave.

Blood ran warm along the Nile: were nubile at ten, and premarital morals were free and easy; one courtesan, in Ptolemaic days, was reputed to have built a pyramid with her savings; even sodomy had its clientele.

Dancing-girls, in the manner of Japan, were accepted into the best male as providers of entertainment and physical edification.

They dressed in diaphanous robes, or contented themselves with anklets, bracelets and rings.

Evidences occur of religious prostitution on a small scale.

As late as the Roman occupatcion the most beautiful among the noble families of Thebes was chosen to be consecrated to Amon.

When she was too old to satisfy the she received an honorable discharge, married, and moved in the highest circles.

It was a civilization with different prejudices from our own.

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