Kom Ombo is located on a bend in the river Nile about 50 km north of Aswan. Located on the east bank, Kom Ombo is home to an unusual double temple built during the Ptolemaic and Roman periods. The temple is dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and the falcon god Haroeris (Horus the Elder). Despite being badly damaged, the temple is a beautiful sight as one approaches from either direction on the river, particularly as sunset nears and the colours change.

Approaching Kom Ombo

Approaching the temple of Kom Ombo from the south with cruise boats moored in front.
Sometimes, one has to pass through the reception area of another boat to get to shore.The temple was excavated last century, although part of it has been lost into the Nile and an earthquake in 1992 caused some further damage.

Kom Ombo temple at sunset.

The colour of the temple changes as the sun sets. Markets are just outside
the entrance to the temple – have your money ready for those items of
clothing you’ll be tempted with as you approach or leave the temple.Long ago, crocodiles probably sunned themselves on an island nearby. Today, there are no crocodiles to be seen – except for some mummified ones on display at the temple complex.

Kom Ombo temple by floodlights.

Floodlights play upon the temple of Kom Ombo.If departing Kom Ombo by boat at night, it is lovely to watch as the flood-lit temple fades into the distance. Perhaps have some insect repellant just in case you are not the only lifeform on the deck.

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