Education of Ethnic Minorities in China

serves as the cornerstone of science and advancement and government has adopted a series of preferential policies and treatments to develop of as follows: it highlights and helps the ethnic groups to develop their own and establishes special institutions for democratic management; Meanwhile, it entitles and respects ethnic minorities and places where national autonomy are practiced to develop in their own way, attaches great importance to the of minorities’ corresponding languages and bilingual and redoubles its efforts to develop textbooks written in their languages; besides, it strengthens measures to develop minorities’ own teaching staffs and provides special financial treatment to ethnic minorities and places where they live; furthermore, it establishes various types of school in accordance with the actual situation of ethnic minorities and their residential areas and it adopts special enrollment in designated where ethnic groups live in compact community in order to cultivate with corresponding expertise for these regions; last but not least, it provides favorable treatment in enrollment and campus for ethnic students and encourages developed regions in other part of to establish regular tie of assistance with corresponding areas where ethnic minorities live.

Chinese government has taken a series of effective measures to boost the education of school in regions where ethnic minorities live and made of all means to establish various types of primary school, secondary school and university. Meanwhile, it takes into full consideration the actual situation of ethnic groups and encourages those minorities who have their own written languages to conduct education in their mother tongues in primary and secondary schools. In addition, the number of minority students in schools of various levels or types in China has greatly increased and China’s northwestern, northeastern and southwestern where ethnic minorities live in compact community all boast universities or colleges for minorities with thousands of students various ethnic groups.

Statistics shows that China’s 55 ethnic minorities all boast their own college student and some ethnic groups even have postgraduates with master degree or doctorate.

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