The Khmer Empire in Ancient Thailand
Icon of Khmer civilization, Angkor Wat in Cambodia endures as a revered religious shrine.
A watery path leads to the West Mebon temple on an artificial island in the West Baray. Only fragments remain of the temple’s former centerpiece, a magnificent 20-foot-long bronze statue of the reclining Hindu god Vishnu. Continue reading The Khmer Empire in Ancient Thailand

Achaemenid Dynasty Pasargadae Image

Number of pictures courtesy of Mr Ali Majdfar


Pasargadae Acropolis and Fortification.JPG (65681 bytes) Pasargadae Looking Approximately S Tomb of Cyrus the Great.JPG (65973 bytes) Pasargadae View Showing the Platform ar.d the Polygonal Fortification Wall.JPG (56043 bytes) pasargadae_map.gif (4409 bytes) pasargadae_irrigation.jpg (11489 bytes) pasargadae.jpg (63637 bytes) Apadana in comparison with Pasargadae.jpg (74951 bytes) pasargadae_bridge.jpg (25854 bytes)

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