The Great Sphinx of Giza

(click and drag in image, left or right) The most enigmatic of sculptures, the Sphinx was carved from a single block of limestone left over in the quarry used to build the Pyramids. Scholars believe it was sculpted about 4,600 years ago by the pharaoh Khafre, whose Pyramid rises directly behind it and whose face… Continue reading The Great Sphinx of Giza

Egyptian Pyramids

The pyramids on the Giza Plateau near Cairo. At far right is the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops), in the middle and closer is the pyramid of Khafre (Chephren), and on left is the smallest of the three major Giza pyramids – that of Menkaure (Mycerinus). Three small subsidiary pyramids are at the extreme left.… Continue reading Egyptian Pyramids

Pictures of the pyramids and sphinx

Ancient Egypt pictures Pictures of the pyramids and sphinx The sphinx and pyramids of Giza Step pyramid of Sakkara The three pyramids of Giza Entrance of the great pyramid of Giza The sphinx The Medom pyramid

The Great Pyramid, Egypt

Giza pyramids soaring above the city of Cairo, Egypt (Order Fine Art Print) The Great Pyramid is the most substantial ancient structure in the world – and the most mysterious. According to prevailing archaeological theory – and there is absolutely no evidence to confirm this idea – the three pyramids on the Giza plateau are… Continue reading The Great Pyramid, Egypt