Ancient Egypt Mummies 1

When you think of a mummy what comes to mind? Most of us usually picture an Egyptian mummy wrapped in bandages and buried deep inside a pyramid. While the Egyptian ones are the most famous, mummies have been found in many places throughout the world, from Greenland to China to the Andes Mountains of South… Continue reading Ancient Egypt Mummies 1


GODDESS HATHOR Egypt, Thebes, Deir el Bahari, the goddess Hathor, portrayed as a beautiful woman with the ears of a cow, carved on a pillar from the Hathor shrine on the south side of the first terrace of the Temple of Hatshepsut.

Dendera, Egypt : Temple of the Goddess Hathor

Temple of the Goddess Hathor, Dendera, Egypt (Order Fine Art Print) Similar to other temple sites in Egypt, the presently standing complex at Dendera marks the location of a very old holy place. An indication of the antiquity of the temple site is given by the astronomical alignment of the main temple to Gamma Draconis… Continue reading Dendera, Egypt : Temple of the Goddess Hathor